Our Services

Transfer from the Hotel

Personal driver and car from hotel to ceremony. Also available for personal hire, to take you around beautiful Barcelona.

Make up and stylist

Your biggest day and you want to look beautiful. We have our professional beauty people to make you look a million dollars, for your special day.

Flowers for the bride

Your special day is always complete with your bouquet of flowers. Specially chosen for your big occasion.

Photographer, video operator

Our professional team are there to capture everything on your day, a day to remember, and you will always have those precious memories to look at in the future between yourselves and your loved ones.

Shopper guide

We offer a personal guide to take you to the best high street shops where in Barcelona there is a range of all the best of top designers shops till also the wonderful bargain shops where style can also be purchased for bargain prices.

Tour guide

Then of course when in Barcelona there is so much to see in this beautiful, ancient, and modern city. Let us guide you to all the beautiful landmarks and not so obvious places in this amazing city.